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Canadian Based Manufacturing Since 1963

Elrex Manufacturing Roots

Elrex’s History

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Through the efforts of its two founding partners, the corporate charter for the company was issued in May of this year. Due to a notarial error the originally planned operating name of ALREX for the middle names of (Sidney Albert Semper and Bill Rex Semper) became registered as the ELREX we know today.

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During his 23 years with Elrex, Anthony Bosse implemented new fabrication methods to allow for product expansion, including new machinery, tools and software. He took the reins of the company as the new President after his predecessor retired from the company.

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Elrex has moved to a new, upgraded facility in Ottawa. The new facility, under the leadership of its new President Michael Lambersky, has increased capacity, state of the art technology and software, and new advanced machinery. Michael has over 13 years of experience in the component manufacturing industry, as well as the telecommunications industry with The ID Group.

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The Future of Elrex

Elrex undertook certification within the ISO 9001 to ensure we are always looking at opportunities for improvement to provide the best customer service. We constantly use this system to find ways to improve. This includes all areas of our business, including shipping, manufacturing, packaging, etc.

We have the knowledge to complete these changes and the eagerness to improve.

Your Local Manufacturer

Our clients include industries such as aviation, medical (human and animal), aerospace, telecoms, restaurants, home improvement, signage, promotional materials, and much more. If you have a project, we want to talk to you about it.