ISO 9002 Certified Since 1994 - An Elrex Team Achievement
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  Elrex (In The Shop)

The Elrex shop and equipment are well maintained by our personnel to assure safe and pleasant working conditions and to keep our production quality and capacity at its maximum. Since obtaining ISO 9002 certification in 1994, the Elrex shop has become more efficient and productive allowing the company to grow in an international competitive market. The Elrex team is proud of these achievements and is dedicated to working together to continue to meet and exceed the ever rising standards of our industry.

   The Elrex Shop

Many of our machine tools are CNC, assuring highest attainable tolerances and fastest possible production turn arounds.

Lathe (with digital readout)

Our Quality Control and Inspection departments assure our customers that they will receive the highest quality products from Elrex.

A Visit To A Couple Of Areas Of The Shop

Elrex die stamping

Upper photo - CNC milling machines    /     Lower photo - Punch press department
The Elrex team works dilligently to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction and to continue the ongoing growth and success of our company.

Panel saw able to handle abrasives (uses diamond cutters)

Quality Products From A Quality Manufacturer
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