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ELREX MANUFACTURERS is a quality custom fabricator of a variety of sealing and protective devices for the ELECTRONIC and TELECOMMUNICATION industries.
Its primary manufacturing efforts are focused on the production of electronic insulators for a variety of telecommunications applications.

Elrex's thirty-six year history coupled with its expertise in the use of microwave absorbing, shielding and specialty dielectric parts has allowed it to grow in parallel with the wireless communications industry.

Anthony Bossé
President & CEO

As a Custom Parts Fabricator Elrex is familiar with the following materials and areas:

- Electronic Insulation
- Films, Papers, Foils
- EMI & RFI Shielding
- Foam and Rubber gaskets
- Thermally Conductive Heat Sink Interfaces
- Specialty Tape, Unique Flexible Laminates
- Polycarbonates (lexans), Acrylics & other non-ferrous materials

Custom production extends to a variety of products not limited to the following:
Card Guides, Component Spacers, Board Standoffs, Mounting Insulators and Plates, Fiber Optic shields, RF Absorbers, Thermal Gaskets/Interfaces, Baffles, Stiffeners, adapters and insulators among others.
As part of its production diversity Elrex fabricates specialty FR and Non FR rated protective devices for use as thermal covers, dampers and other assemblies. The company has invested in leading edge equipment allowing for the rapid turn around of complex custom parts for short or long production runs.

The company is experienced in sourcing materials locally and throughout North America and is well versed in international trade and shipping. Currently Elrex ships throughout Canada, USA, Ireland, Malaysia, and many other parts of the world.

Mission Statement

Whether prototype, a short or long run, Elrex Manufacturing has the divisional structure and plant capacity to match changing client needs.
As a Just In Time and Point Of Usage Supplier to Canada's Blue Chip Telecomminications Industry, our facility is familiar with a fast paced and demanding production environment.
At Elrex, Quality is a basic principle. The stragedy is based upon customer satisfaction,
continuous efforts and the involvement of all employees.

Anthony Bosse

Using The Latest Technologies

CNC precision table router

Using The Latest Equipment

CNC Router (Top Photo) - Lathe with digital readout (Bottom Photo)

Quality Products From A Quality Manufacturer
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