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Our expertise in the use and manufacture of microwave absorbing/shielding and specialty dielectric materials has allowed us to grow with the electronic, telecommunication, and aerospace industries.

Within our capabilities is custom parts manufactured from specialty materials such as Lexan, Polycarbonates, Acrylics, and Plastics. Our high precision CNC machine tools, technology, and very skilled team, allow us to

Lexan covers for various applications

manufacture our products to exacting standards, close tolerances, and very high quality.

Thermal Interface & Engineered Laminates (ESD/EMI/RFI)
      - Conductive
      - Gaskets, Pads & Interfaces         
      - Fiber Optic Shields
      - Adaptors and Insulators
      - Phenolic and Epoxy Parts
- Specialty FR/Non FR Lexan Protective
- A Variety of Electromagnetic & Radio
  Frequency Interference Absorbers

Elrex is engaged in the custom fabrication of electrical insulators, EMI & RFI shielding, foam and rubber gaskets, thermally conductive heat sink interfaces, unique flexible laminates, vibration and noise dampening components. Our capabilities include part fabrication (including die cutting), quick turn around proto-typing, short and long runs, and part modification.

High tolerance custom covers

   Some Other Custom Products By Elrex

Todays material market place offers the engineering community a vast array of materials when applied to the VHF / UHF microwave and other millimeter frequencies.
The variety of material is due in large to substance requirements dictated by a multitude of different applications.

  All products manufactured by Elrex use the highest   quality materials and must pass rigid inspection   procedures before being shipped.

Quality Products From A Quality Manufacturer

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