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 Company History

1963, Through the efforts of its two founding partners, the corporate charter for the company was issued in May of this year. Due to a notarial error the originally planned operating name of ALREX for the middle names of (Sidney Albert Semper and Bill Rex Semper) became registered as the ELREX we know today.

1964, Elrex opened its initial place of business at 489 Notre Dame Street in St. Lambert Quebec. The focus of its manufacturing efforts at this time was the fabrication of Steel Rule Dies principally used in the manufacture of products for the Box Board Industry.

Elrex located at 10 Liberté St.,
Candiac Quebec (Today)

1969, Prompted by slow economic growth the founders separated with one pursuing other business in the USA. During the same year the passing away of the company's president, provoked the return of its former partner and the subsequent continuation of ELREX 's principal business.

1973, After almost nine years of operations the company reassessed its strategic direction and began to diversify its product orientation. This year saw the successful expansion into the manufacture of insulators, separators, gaskets and shields for the developing electronic and telcommunications industries.

1975, Brought about the sale of the steel rule die making business and a move to focus on the successful fabrication of telecommunications products. While completing his education at Concordia University, Mr. Anthony Bosse joined the company in this year as a part time employee.

1976, With the company expanding further, Elrex doubled its capacity and moved to 444 Rothesay St. in St. Lambert.

1984, Saw business volume increase two fold, management restructure and the first direct International sales transpire. Through the efforts of its new Vice president, Anthony Bosse, fabrication methods were changed to allow for the implementation of machines and technology so as to be able to meet the demand for polycarbonate, plastic and acrylic products.

Elrex located on Rothesay St.,
in St. Lambert, Quebec (1976)

    Elrex Logo (1986)

1986, Elrex acquires the assets of Dominion Tool Works Inc. and opens a subsidiary known as Domex Inc. located at 121 St Denis St. in St. Lambert Quebec.

This year saw the creation of the first Elrex corporate logo
seen adjacent.

1988, Elrex divests itself of the Rothesay plant and combines production with Domex at 121 St. Denis. Product expansion was significant during this time with the company beginning to fabricate products from silicone, nickel graphite and silicone rubbers. EMI RFI shield products were rapidly becoming a primary line for Elrex Manufacturers.

1989, Elrex absorbs Domex assets.

Elrex located on St. Denis St.,
in St. Lambert, Quebec (1988)

1994, The company receives its first ISO certification ISO 9002.

1995, Sales growth has doubled over the past seven years.

1998, Bill Semper retires and the reins of the company are transferred to Anthony Bosse.

Elrex Logo (1999)

1999, Elrex purchased a new building at 10-1 Liberté, Candiac, Quebec, giving Elrex 4 times the capacity of the existing facility. New machine tools and software were also purchased at this time.

Elrex designed and introduced a new company logo.

2000, Elrex opened the new millenium in their new building. Elrex presently employs more than 40 employees in the shop and   uses the most modern equipment and technologies to manufacture its products.

Dedicated to Excellence in Quality Fabrication, Service Dependability, and Price Competitiveness, Elrex's expertise in the Use and Manufacture of microwave absorbing/shielding and specialty dielectric materials has allowed it to grow with the telecommunications, consumer electronics, military and aerospace industries.

  In The Early Days Of Elrex Ltd.

Mr. Bill Semper and a fellow employee
working on a steel rule die

Mr. Ken Semper (Bills brother)
pre-machining for a steel rule die
  Elrex Manufacturers Inc. Today

Elrex Product Inspection Department

 Using Todays Technologies

Top Left: Cad System For CNC Routing Machine, Top Right: Electronic Comparator
Bottom Left: CNC Milling, Bottom Right: CNC Router Table

Quality Products From A Quality Manufacturer

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